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About Us

Our Story

At SkinnyMint we celebrate the joy of being healthy and gorgeous, in spirit and body. We are passionate about creating unique and extraordinarily effective concepts that can truly make a difference in your life. We don't want to sell a product, we want to give you a lifestyle which is healthy, natural and sustainable.

Our products contain all natural ingredients that are carefully selected, sourced, blended and packaged by our expert partner in Germany, keeping finest quality and sourcing the best ingredients. Our goal was to create the most effective 28 Day Ultimate Teatox.

Our Mission

Because healthy living goes far beyond the body shape, we want our customers to discover the benefits of eating clean & exercising regularly which guarantees a positive mindset for happy living.

From the production in Germany, to the packaging in Singapore, we are all united around one mission: help our customers to achieve feeling, thinking and living better.

We believe in what we do and are proud of our products.


Gorgeousness is a way of life:

     “Dare to Imagine

       Dare to Change

       Dare to get Noticed

       Dare to do More

       Dare to do All

       Dare To Be Gorgeous

So let today be the Day One of your Teatox journey!

To experience the SkinnyMint gorgeousness, click here.

Our Team

Who we Are

Our team is a melting pot of cultures, expertises and experiences - we believe diversity brings creativity, openness and harmony and helps us understand you better. Our excitement and belief in our vision bonds us together.

Experts Board

SkinnyMint engages a team of experts to bring to you a high quality product and the best tasting detox tea.

  • Kasia Vermaire, Tea Sommelier

    Meet Kasia, our Tea Expert and personal mentor from the Netherlands. She is the first female Tea Sommelier. Kasia is passionate about wellbeing & health care and is constantly educating herself - and others. You can read her advice & tea inspiration in her blogs for SkinnyMint!

    More about Kasia here.

Product Philosophy

Our Vision

We are so passionate about our tea that we're confident a single cup of SkinnyMint will win you over. We have vowed to create choices for a healthier and more gorgeous YOU!

To fulfill our promise we are extremley picky about what goes into our tea: our Yerba Mate is sourced from Argentina, Guarana from the Amazon basin in Brazil and our Green Tea is handpicked in the highest tea gardens in China.

Our exclusive and proprietary tea blends are the result of collaborating with an expert team to produce a safe and great tasting Tea Detox program. We have also spent a lot of effort to perfect the taste; who says a Tea Detox can’t be delicious? Our SkinnyMint team joined in the taste tests too - as we would only offer you a tea that we love drinking ourselves.

More about our blends here.

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We are committed to inspire, inform and equip our SkinnyMint community to have a healthier lifestyle through our offerings which are always ethical, safe, effective and like our teas - delicious and luxurious!

Our SkinnyMint Team speaks 10 languages so chatting with us is always easy: email us and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and sign up to receive our newsletter for updates.

Stay Gorgeous!

xoxo SkinnyMint Team



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