5 Reasons You're Feeling Bloated

5 Reasons You're Feeling Bloated

Feeling a little heavy even though you’re generally a healthy eater? It may be bloat and not weight that you need to deal with. 

When food is broken down in your gut, gas is proceed by the gut bacteria in the process. When there is a buildup of this excess gas, you start to feeling the discomfort of bloat and in more serious cases, abdominal pain.

Here are some reasons (some may be surprising to you) why you may be feeling bloated.


1. High fiber food

When foods high in fibre are broken down gas is created in your intestinal tract and this causes bloating. Surprise surprise! These foods include what we usually think are healthy such as whole grains, beans and lentils, raw cruciferous vegetables like kale, onions, lettuce. While a high fiber diet is great, try eating a balance of different food types if you’re prone to bloat!

High fiber foods

2. Processed food

Think twice before you get that hotdog! Studies have shown that the more sodium you consume, the higher the chance of bloating. Limiting your intake of processed foods such as microwave meals will certainly help!

3. Carbonated drinks

Sparkling water is typically calorie free, but carbonated drinks are one sure way to bloat your belly. Quench your thirst with a sugar-free iced tea. We love an iced Morning Boost or Detox Cherry Bomb tea to keep us going!

Iced Teas

4. Eating too quickly

Slow down! The quicker you wolf that meal down, the more air you’re going to swallow. This leads to the gas buildup that none of us really wants. Reduce bloat by focusing on chewing and eating your food properly during meal times.

5. Food intolerance

Knowing the foods you are intolerant to may help eliminate the bloat. Excess gas production may be a symptom of an intolerance to common foods like eggs, lactose, wheat and gluten. Check with your doctor if you suspect that you have a food allergy.


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