SkinnyMint 2 Step Program

The Most Effective, Natural Tea Detox Program

Detox your body with SkinnyMint - the Original 2 Step Natural Teatox Program.

Achieve increased energy, metabolism boost and the best natural cleansing results.

Morning Boost


Jump starts your day with energy, antioxidants and nutrients. Boosts your metabolism, burns fat and curbs appetite.


Step 1

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Morning Boost



Our delicious energizer boosts your metabolism throughout the whole day.

Made of 8 Super Ingredients:


Green Tea
energizing, fat burning, immunity boosting,
Yerba Mate
stimulating, curbs appetite, boosts metabolism
Nettle Leaves
antioxidant, natural diuretic, rids constipation
antioxidant, nutrifying, digestive
Guarana Fruit
cleansing, endurance, weight loss
Grapefruit Leaves
cleansing, immunity improving, fat reduction
antioxidant, brain food, fat burning
nutrifying, digestive, antioxidant
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Night Cleanse


Detoxifies your body as you sleep. Deeply cleanses, regulates your digestion and calms your mind.


Step 2

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Night Cleanse



Our purifying blend for a flat tummy and sweet dreams

Made of 8 Super Ingredients:


Ginger Root
anti-bloating, digestive aid, aphrodisiac
Orange Leaves
rids constipation, sleep aid, smooth skin
relaxant, pain relief, anti-bacterial
Senna Leaves
natural laxative, anti-bloating, weight loss
anti-bloating, digestive and colic relief
Licorice Root
antacid, soothes menstrual cramps
Hawthorn Berries
circulation, anti-anxiety, digestive
Psyllium Husk
natural laxative, promotes colon health
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Teatox Benefits

Increase Energy

Burn Fat & Lose Inches

Remove Toxins

Reduce Bloating

Boost Metabolism

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