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Got my SkinnyMint such a great natural detox tea program for this summer. I need to get healthy again! 💞 Who's joining me?
I decided to make a lifestyle change a few months ago. Decided to stop making excuses and start taking care of my life. I have never felt better in my life! Thanks to SkinnyMint for the delicious teatox, I am feeling fantastic. It aids in weight loss , takes away bloating and gives me energy.
Picture on the left was when I started my journey in July, I was 176 pounds. Picture on the right is me now, 147 pounds. SkinnyMint teatox helped me lose my first 15 pounds which encouraged me to lose the rest of my weight afterwards. I am extremely happy with the results.
Loving my results! I lost 12 pounds without cutting out too many of my favorite foods. Hooked on drinking tea rather than coffee now. Thank you SkinnyMint!
I love teatoxing when I’m feeling bloated and gross! I tried SkinnyMint teatox and loved the results.
SkinnyMint is part of my life now. I have lost 18kg so far with the help of the teatox. I did workout as well as chosen not to eat unhealthy food. So here is my before and after and I really thank SkinnyMint for creating this wonderful tea.
I never thought something as simple as adding tea to my diet would work as quickly and effectively as this did. My results were amazing! I lost 10lbs, the bloat around my middle was gone and my cravings curbed. I went from a 35 inch waist to 31. The tea was so tasty too!
Since I came to US, I gained 11kg. Since moving, I have no time and patience to cook a healthy meal. I tried SkinnyMint and lost 6kg in 28 days and I am not on a diet, I am only eating healthier. I feel much better with myself and finally after 1 year I am fitting into my jeans again.
In combination with SkinnyMint’s teatox and gummies, I feel gloriously amazing and energized. This is the first time in my life that my stomach has ever been completely flat, toned and no muffin top.
Down 6lbs and 7.5 inches after the 28 day teatox and gummies! Great taste, great results!
My SkinnyMint results!! This stuff is magical! Thank you for helping me get rid of my 5lbs of Christmas! Highly recommend SkinnyMint.
I love my gummies from SkinnyMint! I lost 15lbs in my first month! It’s perfect for me!!
I was really skeptical to try SkinnyMint but I had to see for myself, so 28 days later and these are my results! Guys it really works! I’m super stoked about it! I got busy this month and didn’t get to work out but still got the results!
I’m pretty damn proud of how far I’ve come getting back on track the past month. SkinnyMint boot camp and a healthy diet. Down 15lbs and feeling incredible.
I just finished my 28day skinnymint teatox and I’m loving my results! I lost 7 pounds and feel so much less bloated and all around healthier. Pretty amazing results in just 28 days! I’m looking forward to my next month’s teatox.
It works!!! I’m not even done with my 28days kit and I have lost 8 lbs and few inches off my waist
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I haven't lost weight but I like the fact I do have more energy and I've been sleeping better. I have had a hard time pooping but this makes me regular and I love it. The only thing I do not like is that they do not tell you how many ounces of water, just to be in water for 4-5 minutes. Will submit a reviewkater as I've only taken it for a week.

Must try!!!!

I seriously love this product!!!!
A lot of people noticed I lose a lot of weight even though I wasn't really on a diet or exercise at all. Just these packets for 10days. I still have Some night reset packets coz i barely eat at night now coz the morning and noon boost packet made me full. It helps like I'm fasting without the burden of cravings. Sometimes i'll only eat 1 meal. No urgency to eat or snacks. The only thing that im not used to drink is the turmeric night reset but all in all i love this 10day shots. And would love to have a set again. Very handy and travel friendly!!!


I love, love, love, your products the Green Cleansing Elixer has been my favorite I will be ordering more!

Great bundle

I wish you would come out with this bundle more often!

Does whatbit says it will do!

It cleanses for sure and my energy has increased. My digestion overall has improved as well.

Absolutely love the teatox been buying for years!

Summer Detox Bundle

Summer Detox Bundle

I really enjoyed my detox bundle. I really enjoy the morning tea and have almost give up my coffee. I have more energy and definitely feel less bloated.I enjoy the flavor of the night cleanse also. I haven't lost any weight but I attribute that to my own eating habits and lack of exercise plus just general unhealthiness since having my fifth child. I really like the green cleansing elixir because of the benefits but I don't enjoy the taste. I have noticed a difference in my health since starting the detox. I started eating healthy and exercising regularly so I hope after the six week break I will see even more results after the second round of cleanse. I am looking forward to trying more of Skinny Mint's products. I would definitely buy this again! Thank you!

Hello Jenn! Thank you so much for reviewing our Summer Detox Bundle! We're glad to be on this journey with you and are so excited to hear that you've experienced the same amazing results yourself! ✨ Cheers to a better, healthier you! Xoxo, SkinnyMint

Fue la mejor experiencia de mi vida suprime mi apetito, me ayudó a desinflamar y mi estómago baja reduciendo estoy encantada 🥰

Hola Jessica! Estamos muy emocionados de estar en este viaje con usted y esperamos que nunca deje de esforzarse por convertirse en la mejor versión de usted mismo. ✨ Xoxo, SkinnyMint
Amazing taste and fast shipping!

The hot chocolate tastes so good, I had a fast shipping of my products and like the fact that it helps a lot with hunger!

Hey Chantal! We're so glad to hear that you love our products as much as we do! ✨ Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us and we look forward to your continued support! Xoxo, SkinnyMint
Lost half a stone in a few weeks

This actually works

Hello E! We're so excited to be on this journey with you and we hope you never stop striving to become the best version of yourself. ✨ Xoxo, SkinnyMint
28 days

I had tried it for a month and this is my second time puchase. So far, i dont see any weight loss, but i feel lighter. So i am thinking to try 2 and 3 times. To swe what the outcome after that.

Will order again!

Love the taste of both teas!

Triple Trio Pack

28 Day Ultimate Teatox

Pretty good

I feel less hungry and wanting to eat something sweet every night but that is my weekness. So this is working for me, I don't know if I have lost any weight though.

Miss m

It is a good product overall but so expensive

A must try!

I’m usually skeptical of these types of products but I had surprisingly good results.

Hello Jon! Thank you so much for reviewing our 28 Day Ultimate Teatox! We're glad to be on this journey with you and are so excited to hear that you've experienced the same amazing results yourself! ✨ Cheers to a better, healthier you! Xoxo, SkinnyMint
Loved this!

This bundle has helped me so much! Not only are the teas and elixer and the hot chocolate absolutely delicious but they helped with indigestion and bloating and discomfort from dairy allergy! I remadonly became allergic to dairy around this time last year. I have been struggling to avoid it as I am not used to watching out for things to have milk butter or cheese. I mean most chips have milk in them?!?. So often times I was in pain because I accidently ate something I shouldn't have. However taking my skinny mint tea every morning and night actually had a huge impact! And has made my days sooooo much better! Plus the hot chocolate is dairy free! So when I'm craving chocolate (or anything really) I grab a cup and whip myself up a hot chocolate! It really has changed my life and I am sooooo grateful to have found it! Thanks skinny mint!!

Hello Courtney! Thank you so much for reviewing our Summer Detox Bundle! We're glad to be on this journey with you and are so excited to hear that you've experienced the same amazing results yourself! ✨ Cheers to a better, healthier you! Xoxo, SkinnyMint
Repeat buyer

Love Skinnymint Tea! It reduces bloat and appetite, plus it tastes great!

Summer Detox Bundle

Summer Detox Bundle

My favourite teatox

This is my 5th time to purchase skinnymint. It does help with bloating I have very bad bloating the morning but once you take night cleanser your bloating will go away. Thank you skinnymint for changing my life.

28 Day Ultimate Teatox

Green Cleansing Elixir