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Super Lean Shots

Curb cravings, feel fuller & reach your weight-loss goals faster
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What our customers are saying...

Got my SkinnyMint such a great natural detox tea program for this summer. I need to get healthy again! 💞 Who's joining me?
OMG! I feel way less bloated and lighter than I have felt in a very long time! Thanks to SkinnyMint 28 Day Fat burning Hot Chocolate & Coffee I’ve lost 5 kgs. Literally could not be happier, it’s replaced my morning coffee for the better and has helped me to get rid of my sweet cravings 🙌🏻
"I decided to make a lifestyle change a few months ago. Decided to stop making excuses and start taking care of my life. I have never felt better in my life! Thanks to SkinnyMint for the delicious teatox, I am feeling fantastic. It aids in weight loss , takes away bloating and gives me energy.
Burn some fat while drinking a morning cup of coffee? Sign me up, I’ll take 12 🙋‍♀️ Just in time to cozy up with it for the winter ☕️❄️ The coffee is coconut flavored (seriously bomb just black) and the hot chocolate is a nice bittersweet, easy to wind down with at the end of the day.
I never thought something as simple as adding tea to my diet would work as quickly and effectively as this did. My results were amazing! I lost 10lbs, the bloat around my middle was gone and my cravings curbed. I went from a 35 inch waist to 31. The tea was so tasty too!
I've been back to the gym lately and working my butt off to get back in shape. But it's hard! So I've been trying out these @SkinnyMintCom gummies that are part of a two step program designed to maximize your fat burning results! I can already tell they have been helping because I can see the difference and they help me not snack as much!
I love teatoxing when I’m feeling bloated and gross! I tried SkinnyMint teatox and loved the results.
Absolutely love @skinnymintcom. I don't expect miracles or abs from a tea. But I've noticed ive been noticeably less bloated. The tea is delicious and gives me a burst of energy I need in the morning.
I only lost a few pounds but had so much energy and felt great!! And clearly slimmed down a great deal. The morning boost is literally a morning boost, didn't even need my coffee. And the night time tea helped me sleep great. So huge thanks to SkinnyMint! Going to continue to order FOR SURE👍
It’s been over a year since I stopped drinking coffee and switched to #SkinnyMint and I feel AMAZING! Their Morning Boost #teatox is a blend of Green Tea, Yerba Mate, Nettle Leaves, Dandelion and Guarana fruit; it gives me just the right amount of energy and helps me get focused for the day. Think I’m kidding?
I started drinking the fat burning coffee I purchased the best friend bundle, after a few weeks of drinking this coffee I started noticing a difference! Recommend 100%! I can see definition on my stomach too! Pink top, grey skirt image is before I started drinking the coffee. ⁣White top, nude skirt is after I finished the bundle.
These are my results from the 28Day Ultimate Teatox. Look at my belly and I feel that bloated for months before I started my SkinnyMint journey. I highly recommend this program, I got these results without going on diet (not starving myself), just choose the right food and a little home exercise (I only went to the gym ONE time).