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  • Kickstart your health goals
  • Simple & Easy 2 Step Program
  • Say bye to bloat once & for all*
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A week in I noticed that it reduced bloating. I also noticed stubborn tummy fat was decreasing day after day and I had more energy throughout the day.

Cale D.


This has helped so much with my bloating, I feel so much lighter everyday now. And I’ve lost 3 within 2 weeks

Jasmine K.


This is by far my favorite bundle to use - it always helps me with bloating and keeps my skin looking fresh

Salma D.

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Reduce Bloating

Promotes healthy digestion and helps the body get rid of that sluggish feeling.

All Natural Detox

Unique cleansing formula that combines effective ingredients to flush out harmful toxins and cleanse your system with every sip.

Boost Nutrition

22 Superfoods and probiotics to boost your nutrition in just minutes.

Energy Booster

Gives you a morning perk me up with less caffeine than in regular coffee.

Why They Are A Perfect Match

This fantastic duo work together to give you not only a good detox, but also a nutrition boost in just 3 easy steps.

  • 28 Day Teatox: This 2-step tea detox program helps you cleanse and reduce bloating with 2 tasty teas – Morning Boost and Night Cleanse
  • Green Cleansing Elixir: Gives you all the nutritional benefits of probiotics and 22 superfoods in 1 convenient scoop. Imagine trying to prepare a meal with all of that!
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Easy as 1, 2, 3

Here’s a routine you can follow to maximize your results:


Have a cup of Morning Boost tea with or before your breakfast to power you through the day.


Have a glass of Green Cleansing Elixir post breakfast. For ultimate convenience, mix it into your breakfast smoothies.


Every other evening, have a cup of Night Cleanse tea before going to bed to relax and detox.


Have a cup of Morning Boost tea with or before your breakfast to power you through the day.

During/Post Breakfast

Have a glass of Green Cleansing Elixir post breakfast. For ultimate convenience, mix it into your breakfast smoothies.


Every other evening, have a cup of Night Cleanse tea before going to bed to relax and detox.

Real Customers, Real Results*

Destiny O.
This is by far one of the most gentle ones I have done, I feel Amazing! I have so much for energy now. I feel more confident and ready to take on the day.
Martina F.
My friend gave it to me to try. The flavors of Super Cleanse bundle are so nice and I am amazed by my change.
Lauren B.
Omg this bundle has been a gut saver for sure. I have GI issues with bloating and constipation and this has been a huge help in bringing down my bloat and maintaining to keep it down. It's so easy to build into my lifestyle and has improved my gut health!
Irene D.
I have always been active and in good shape but all of a sudden gained 20 lbs and had a tummy. This is new to me and scary so I had to do something. I love the Elixir. It tastes great and really helps with bloating and keeping me regular. I took one month to achieve this. I added some light exercise to my routine and the more active I was, the better the results.
Dianne B
I have two beautiful kids and I gained weight after having my youngest. I tried many kinds of tea but ended up having a bloated stomach. This one is an exception. I feel light and good. I am working in health care and I highly recommend this. Tastes good, no bloat, adds energy and just feels great! These are my results in 28 days with increased exercise.
Camarae S.
I started on SkinnyMint because I didn’t like the way I felt about my body and my energy was low. I was so impressed with my results. I started a healthier lifestyle because of 28 Day Teatox. I switched to a cleaner diet and did more walking.
Chantel K.
I was tired of feeling bloated, needed more energy and wanted to detox from alcohol and bad foods. Love these products! And they really work and make you feel more energized which leads you feeling happier about yourself and your body.
*Every body type is different so results experienced may vary amongst individuals and hence cannot be guaranteed.

Our Super Ingredients

Morning Boost

Add nearly boiling water into a cup with a Morning Boost tea bag and let it steep for 4 to 5 minutes. To drink it cold, let it cool and add in some ice cubes. These super ingredients will give you a morning pick-me-up:

Night Cleanse

We recommend starting with a shorter infusion time of 2 to 3 minutes in hot water and then slowly extending the infusion time to 4 to 5 minutes. Relax with these super ingredients:

Senna Leaves, Dandelion Root, Marshmallow Root, Cardamom Seed, Cinnamon Bark, Burdock Root

Green Cleansing Elixir

Mix 1 scoop with 8 fl.oz. of cold water and stir until dissolved. Our unique formula combines the great taste of natural pineapple flavour with 22 superfoods to boost your daily nutrition and detox your body.

Alfalfa, Aloe Vera, Organic Apple Powder, Organic Barley Grass Powder, Beetroot Powder, Black Pepper Powder, Broccoli, Chlorella, Cranberry Extract, Dandelion, Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Green Tea Extract, Parsley, Spinach, Spirulina Powder, Wheatgrass, Natural Pineapple Powder

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is in Super Cleanse Bundle?

    You get three packets – 1 x Morning Boost, 1 x Night Cleanse and 1 x Green Cleansing Elixir.

    Each Morning Boost packet contains 28 tea bags. The Morning Boost blend contains Green Tea, Yerba Mate, Nettle Leaves, Dandelion and Guarana Fruit.

    Each Night Cleanse packet contains 14 tea bags. The Night Cleanse blend contains Ginger root, Lemongrass leaves, Peppermint leaves, Senna leaves, Dandelion root, Marshmallow root, Hawthorn berries, Cardamom seed, Cinnamon bark and Burdock root.

    Each packet of Green Cleansing Elixir contains 180g (18 servings x 10g) of powder and a scoop. Each scoop is one serving of the Elixir. In each packet you get the benefits of:

    Green Blends
    Organic Apple Powder, Pineapple Powder, Matcha Leaf Tea, Wheat Grass Powder, Cranberry Extract, Spirulina Powder, Acai Berry Extract, Organic Barley Grass Powder, Organic Chlorella Powder, Organic Parsley Leaf Powder, Organic Broccoli Powder, Organic Beet Root Powder, Organic Spinach Powder, Organic Kale Powder, Organic Alfalfa Powder

    Superfood and Metabolism Support Blend
    Turmeric, Black Pepper, Green Tea Extract, Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Dandelion Root

    Probiotic Blend
    Lactobacillus acidophilus, L. casei, L. salivarius, L. plantarum, L. rhamnosus, L. brevis, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Streptococcus thermophilus, B. lactis/longum, Fructooligosaccharides.

  • Can I take Super Cleanse Bundle continuously?

    We advise you to take a four to six-week break between your 28-day Teatox cycles. However, while taking a break between your 28 Day Teatox cycles, you can still continue to have Morning Boost and Green Cleansing Elixir daily.

  • How can I enhance my Green Cleansing Elixir?

    Be creative! The possibilities are endless! For a quick fix, we like to mix it with coconut water. We also like blending it into our breakfast shake with fruits like mango. For more exciting recipes, check out our blog. Visit Blog

  • Can I combine Super Cleanse Bundle with other products?

    Yes, absolutely. Our products are designed to work hand-in-hand to help you maximize your goals.

    If your goal is to boost your nutrition, try Slim & Trim Shake. At only 220 calories, this cupcake-flavored meal replacement packs 21g of proteins, 5 superfoods and a vitamin and mineral blend.

    If your goal is to lose weight and curb cravings, try adding 28 Day Fat Burning Hot Chocolate into your routine. At only 25 calories per serving, satisfy your chocolate craving and get the benefits of 7 fat burning extracts. Super Fat Burning Gummies is also a good low-calorie snack to help you stay on track.

    If your goal is to detox and lose weight, try adding Super Lean Shots to your routine. Formulated with clinically-proven dietary fiber Glucomannan, 3 shots a day 30 minutes before meals will help you feel fuller so you can better control your meal portions.

  • Are there any side effects?

    28 Day Teatox is made from completely natural ingredients, which are unlikely to bring about typical allergic responses. However, everybody is different and can react differently to these ingredients. We highly advise you to check the ingredients list if you have any allergies.

    Green Cleansing Elixir contains some caffeine from Matcha Tea leaf and Green Tea extract. Morning Boost contains caffeine (about 80% compared to a cup of regular coffee), so it is not suitable for people with caffeine sensitivity.

    Night Cleanse does contain Senna leaves, which may have a mild laxative effect – it’s just a slightly increased natural flushing. You should not be experiencing severe diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness or severe cramping. In the unlikely case that this happens, stop consuming the tea immediately and consult your medical practitioner.

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